What is Plasma Blast Treatment?

What is Plasma Blast Treatment?


Plasma blast or plasma pen is an anti-ageing treatment in which the skin is cauterized via electrosurgery, a widely used surgical technology that uses a high-frequency electric current combined with gases causing a true electrical arc which causes light trauma to the top layer of the skin (epidermis). By causing light trauma to the skin the end result equates to firmer, lifted skin which is a different approach to surgery where skin is cut away.

Also known as plasma skin tightening using a plasma pen, the before and after shots will show how the skin is left with temporary dots but the skin tightening is immediately visible. The tiny marks are made in rows, so they all look uniform — giving the illusion of tiny little holes all over the area treated. The term “plasma” comes from the light emitted — there is no blood taken nor spilled!

Plasma blast is becoming a more common treatment for things like jowl lifts and tightening of crows feet.

Plasma fibroblast can be used as an alternative and very effective treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. When treated on the upper lip area, and as it heals over a few weeks, it lifts your lip upward, giving the appearance of a fuller lip sans injections — what many refer to as a “lip flip.”

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